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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Hey Ross, how’s it going?” Jamie asks over the phone the next morning.

“Pretty good for me, mate,” you answer. “But we’ve got a small problem.”

“What is it? You know I’m happy to help out,” Jamie tells you, and you know he’s smiling on the other end of the phone.

“Well, lately Rachel thinks something is missing from our sex lives,” you tell him, carefully.

“Ross, not cool. You know I’m a virgin,” he replies.

“Exactly, Jamie,” you tell him. “Rachel wants to fuck someone else while I watch. I asked her who she had in mind and she said you.”


“You’re joking with me,” Jamie states.

“I’m not,” you tell him, a grin creeping over your face. “Rachel wants to fuck you while I watch.”

More silence.

“Can you give me a moment?” Jamie asks. Without waiting for an answer, he puts the phone on the table and you hear him shout “FUCKING! HELL! YES!” before picking up the phone again. “Okay, I’m back,” he tells you, speaking quickly in his eagerness.

You’re fighting a laugh as you ask him “She wants to know the next time you’ll be free.”

“Tonight, if she wants,” Jamie answers, ecstatic.

“Okay, she’s free after six,” you tell Jamie, excited for him. After all, your best friend will finally lose his virginity — and to the hottest girl on the planet.

You place the phone down and wait for your girlfriend to get back home.