Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by AnotherRandomFapper...)

“How about Mario and Peach?” you ask.

Rachel giggles. “You and your nerd fantasies. But that does sound nice. Put on your clothes in the bathroom, I’ll change in here,” she tells you.

You do as she says and go change in the bathroom. The overalls are overall uncomfortable, but considering what’s about to happen, you can’t complain. Immediately after you finish changing, Rachel tells you she’s finished as well, and to come on in.

“Oh, Mario, thank you for fixing the bathroom!” Rachel says as you walk in.

“It’s-a no problem, Princess! Anything for-a you!” you reply in your best Mario voice.

“I would kiss you on the cheek, but I think you deserve a kiss elsewhere,” Rachel says sexily as she winks. She gets on her knees and you gasp as she lightly kisses your crotch.

“Mama Mia, this is-a amazing,” you stammer out as your overalls are taken off. Rachel then starts stroking you through her gloves and sucking you with her lovely mouth. “Hehe, I thought you would like this,” she says playfully.

“Oh dear, it seems I have another plumbing issue,” Rachel tells you. She goes doggy-style, giving you a clear view of her wet silk panties. “It seems I have two holes that need attention. Where do you think you should put your snake in, Mario?”