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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by ThaneOfAss...)

“In addition to being my sex-slave for a week, you agree to follow any and all orders I give even outside the bedroom. No matter what you’re doing or where you are at the time, my order takes priority until it is fulfilled,” you tell your girlfriend.

Her eyes widen in shock, while her breathing quickens noticeably. “Wait, anytime, anywhere? We’ve never even made love outside of our bedroom. So you could even order me when I’m working?” she asks nervously.

“Anytime,” you smile. “Anywhere.”

Rachel shivers as the full implications hit her and she goes quiet as she ponders. You could swear you see her nipples harden. After a minute you break the silence. “That’s my condition. Do you accept?”

Rachel seems to steel herself, then smiles at you as she says, “If I’m honest, being dominated by you has been another secret fantasy of mine for a while now. It’s quite scary to think about, but it’s really more than I could have hoped for!”

A little taken aback at her response, you grin nonetheless. A part of you had hoped this would put her off the idea, not quite willing to re-visit that shameful portion of your life where you fucked your step-sister regularly. To your own surprise though you are more than pleased with how this turned out, both you and your girlfriend getting what you’ve really wanted for a long time it seems.

“Now that’s decided I guess the only problem is convincing my sister Amy to agree to this,” you say.

Your girlfriend chuckles. “Oh that won’t be much of a problem I reckon.” She crawls forward and kisses you lovingly. “Trust me dear. Follow my lead with her and soon enough you’ll be having your way with us both.”

That thought quickly gets your bloody rushing once more, and you pull your sexy girlfriend close to you. “When did you get so slutty, Rachel?”

She blushes. “Well I experimented a little in college, but I’ve really never felt this way before we got married. I swear Ross, the things you make me feel just drive me wild sometimes! I guess it’s a good thing I’ve got you to keep me under… control” she says seductively.

A new wave of arousal washes over you, as you grab the back of her head and kiss her deeply. One last decision remains. Do you call your step-sister over now? During the week? Or after you’ve had your week of fun?