Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“I read about a club we could go to on those websites,” you suggest. “They cater to this kind of thing.”

“That sounds alright,” Rachel replies. “As long as I’m getting unprotected sex from a big group of strangers then I’m happy.”

Your girlfriend goes to choose an outfit she thinks is suitable for a massive gangbang. While she does this you give the club a call and tell them what kind of experience you have in mind. Club Slut, it’s called. Perfect.

“Great news, babe.” You admire the slinky red dress she has chosen. “We’re all booked in”

You take your beautiful girlfriend in your arms and kiss her deeply. You love her in that dress. It hugs her figure perfectly. You admire every curve and imagine that soon there will be other men’s hands all over her.

“I wanted to wear something special,” she says, noticing your gaze. “I may not be able to fit into it soon if this evening goes well.”

You stare blankly for a moment. Then, with a flush, you remember the bareback fucking she wants. She’s actually hoping to get pregnant.

Soon enough you are pulling up outside of Club Slut in a taxi. An underground sex club that caters to all desires, the website had said.

“We’re here,” you tell your girlfriend as she sucks your dick in the back of the taxi. To get in the mood Rachel has exposed her tits and pussy as she sucks you. She wanted the driver to see, she had said.

“You sure this is it?” she asks.

“It is.”

The driver says, “Thanks for the show by the way.”

“No problem,” you reply as you move to hand him the fare.

“I’d rather have a pop at her, mate,” he says.

Without another word your girlfriend climbs into the front seat as the driver pulls his cock out. Rachel immediately sinks her naked cunt onto his hard dick. She’s clearly wet in anticipation of this evening.

She rides him quickly as he moans in pleasure, his cock sliding in and out of Rachel’s tight, wet cunt. It isn’t long before he clenches and cums inside her. She climbs out if the taxi, grinning at her first creampie. The first of many, you suppose.

You wave the driver off as Rachel adjusts her clothing. Together, you walk into the club. It’s quiet but the absence of lights and noise confirms the covert status it seems to count on.

The change as you enter is startling. Bright lights and lounge furniture cover the large foyer. An attractive, slim, red headed woman approaches as you enter.

“Welcome,” she says, smiling. “I’m your host Alice. You must be Ross and Rachel.”

Before you can reply Alice moves up to you and, pressing her hips into you, kisses you long and slow. She cups your ass so you return the favor. You grow bold as the kiss goes on and you start groping her tits.

When she stops you turn to see your girlfriend flush. She almost seems a little jealous. That is until Alice repeats this display with Rachel. This does the trick. Whatever she felt before has turned to arousal.

Soon Alice breaks off the kiss and faces you both. “So can you remind me what kind of experience you are looking for?” As she talks she leads you over to a desk with some sort of catalogue on it. “You’ve already paid the premium rate so all of our options are available.”

Together, you and your girlfriend flick through the pages showing different offers. You can choose whether she will be tied up or not. You have a choice of how many guys will fuck Rachel and how rough they will be with her. You can fuck another woman while you watch or you can join in. You can even choose where you would like them to cum.

“Don’t be shy,” your host Alice assures you. “Anything that you want, we can do.”