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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“How would you like to rent her for a while?” you offer. “I could do with the money.”

Rachel gasps at this but says nothing. She just looks fearfully up at you, still surrounded by naked, well-hung guys.

“How much and for how long?” one guy asks mildly.

You ponder this for a moment. “Ten grand and you can have her for a week. As long as you provide me with videos.”

“I think we can manage that,” he agrees as he looks down at Rachel who has begun sobbing quietly.

Half an hour later the twelve guys have gathered enough money. “So I expect at least a video a day guys,” you say as you count out the cash.

“No problem at all,” the same guy says as he roughly grabs hold of your well-fucked girlfriend and throws her over his shoulder.

As you watch Rachel roughly bundled into the back of a car you wonder how they intend to make use of her.

You don’t have to wonder long as the first of several videos comes through shortly after. It depicts the same guys driving her around town nude, offering her to random guys in the street. You watch as they stop five different groups and allow them to fuck Rachel’s holes in public. Over three hours you count around seventeen loads of cum deposited in your girlfriend’s various holes.

The videos continue at a rate of around four a day until she is returned. One shows Rachel bent over a car in the woods. She is being fucked hard in her mouth and cunt while she moans and cries. You can clearly see a group of over twenty men impatiently waiting their turn.

Another shows your girlfriend at some sort of party. She is clearly the main attraction. You watch as guy after guy takes his turn with her. You also notice some girls taking the opportunity to grind their cunts onto her mouth. You completely lose count of how many times she is fucked at that party but you know it’s over twenty-five.

When Rachel is finally returned you find her tied up, naked on your doorstep. As you untie her she stands up. Rather than the haunted expression you expected after a week of forced sex, she looks up smiling.

“Let’s do that again soon,” she whispers.

The End