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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Are you okay with Batman and Catwoman?” you ask tentatively.

“Are you kidding?” she asks. “They’re a purrfect pair.”

Before you can react to the pun, your girlfriend uses a flirty voice and continues “Meow. Look at the big bad Bat, come to bring me in. Oh, whatever is a girl to do?” she asks playfully, looking at her fingernails.

“Enough Selina,” you reply, adopting a deeper voice. “You know why I’m here. Give the jewel back. Don’t make me take it from you.”

“Oh, come now Bruce,” she replies. “A girl’s gotta eat. Surely there’s some other way I can make up for stealing it?”

“Hmm… maybe there is,” you answer. You know that canon Batman wouldn’t do this, but this isn’t canon — it’s fan-fiction.

Rachel takes hold of your cock and starts to stroke it slowly, getting you harder. She kisses it and sucks the head, making your back arch. Before you know it, your girlfriend has deep-throated your cock, then pulled back, only to deep-throat it again.

You pull her mouth off of your cock — you don’t want to cum too soon. Half of you wants to return the favor and go down on her, but the whole roleplay centers around you punishing Rachel.