Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“Go for it!” you say to the group. Rachel gasps and gives you a look that implies you’ll be in big trouble later.

The ten waiting guys cheer as they rush in and surround your girlfriend. They fully intend to make her pay for brazenly showing her cunt off to them and acting so slutty for so long. She’s had this coming.

Rachel makes an attempt to run as they start grabbing hold of her. She almost makes it out but at the last minute you grab hold of her arm.

“Not so fast there, my little slut,” you chuckle as you drag her back towards her office mates.

She stumbles into their arms and they quickly relieve her of the rest of her clothes, tearing them where they don’t come off easily. There are around ten guys there. All pull out their now-hard dicks in anticipation of forcing their way into one of Rachel’s holes.

“Ross, I’m not a hundred-percent sure about this!”

“Relax, you know you’ll love it,” one of them reassures her. “You’re going to get fucked by all of us!”

“Yeah this is what you get you prick-teasing bitch!” another says. “You’re going to be our little office slut from now on.”

With Rachel now naked, they push her onto her hands and knees. Without any delay a cock is forced into her cunt and one in her mouth. With so many guys she has no chance to get away.

The guy fucking her cunt is also smacking her ass. He soon has it red raw and your girlfriend flinches at each smack. The guy in her mouth pistons in and out, making her choke and gag briefly before she gets used to it.

The other men crowd in around her. They take great pleasure in slapping her tits and pinching her flesh. Each yelp and squeal they get from her makes them laugh and congratulate each other.

The guys take turns spit roasting your hot girlfriend. Her ass, tits and face are red from slapping by the time the fifth guy has started banging his cock into her pussy.

Suddenly, Rachel’s struggles increase as she feels the pressure of a cock-head against her sphincter. “No not there please!” she squeals. “Not in my butt. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Alright,” the guy says, giving her ass another smack. “We’ll keep to the cunt if you start playing ball.”

“Yeah,” another chimes in. “Show us a good time and we’ll take it easy on you. Or we can all take turns with that ass. Is it tight man?”

“It sure is. Gonna have to jam my dick in there hard.” The first guy laughs. “So what’ll it be Rachel? You wanna be our slut?”

You look down at your girlfriend. How will she react? Will she accept her lewd fate and play the slut, enthusiastically fucking ten of her work mates to avoid a painful anal fucking? Or will she continue to pretend she doesn’t like it and get fucked up the ass as her reward?