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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

When Rachel gets home, she wastes no time in asking “Did you call Jamie? What’d he say? Is he coming over now?”

“I did call him, and he was more than enthusiastic about the idea,” you reply, smiling. “He’s coming over sometime after six.”

Rachel can’t contain her happiness: she wraps her arms around you and kisses you fully on the lips. “Thank you so much, Ross. This means so much to me,” she tells you, breathless. “Okay, I’d better go get changed into something more, um… appropriate.”

“Babe, there’s still an hour,” you tell her, glancing at the clock.

“Yeah, but I want to be comfortable when he gets here,” she shouts from upstairs.

You sigh in answer. You just hope your girlfriend doesn’t choose something too revealing or Jamie will jizz in his pants at the sight of her. However hilarious you’d find it, it would be borderline traumatic for him.