Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

“Why don’t you lick Rachel’s pussy?” you suggest. “You always talked about being with another woman. Here’s your chance. I can watch and join in later if you feel comfortable.”

“I guess we could try that,” your sister replies, glancing at Rachel with a flush.

“Brilliant!” Rachel beams.

With a rush of excitement Rachel approaches Amy. She’s about to have her fantasy fulfilled and isn’t wasting any time. Urgently, she pulls your sister into a passionate kiss.

Amy seems hesitant at first but as the kiss continues she starts to kiss back hard. You watch as your sister and your girlfriend start to grope each other’s breasts.

As they begin to undress each other you make yourself comfortable. You pull out your stiffening cock and begin stroking it as the pair move to the bed.

You sigh as they unsnap each other’s bras and their breasts are revealed. The familiar sight of Rachel’s tits is pleasing but you’ve not seen your sister’s in a long time. She looks as good as she always did.

Your girlfriend lies on top of your sister and they grind their crotches into each other, still kissing and caressing.

Soon enough they are completely naked and they move into a sixty nine position. Amy is on her hands and knees facing away from you. As Rachel climbs under her legs and starts lapping at your sister’s exposed pussy she meets your eyes and smiles.

Taking this as your cue you approach the bed, stroking your now rock hard dick. You begin stroking Amy’s ass with your free hand. Too engrossed in eating your girlfriend’s pussy, your sister doesn’t seem to notice.

How should you play this? Your sister’s really enjoying this but how will she react? Would she want you to just start fucking her or will that freak her out and ruin it? Maybe you should join Rachel and start licking her pussy.