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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dbone...)

Deciding to play it slow you lay down on the bed with your face next to Rachel’s. She makes a little room for you as you start licking your step-sister’s pussy lips. Your girlfriend keeps sucking on her clit.

Quickly your sister notices and looks round. Rather than objecting she pushes her naked cunt back into your mouths, grinding into you.

“Oh god!” she moans. “You guys are amazing at that.”

You keep licking and sucking her as she starts to buck and moan. Soon your sister comes hard. As she rolls over, clutching at her spasming cunt, Rachel immediately starts sucking your rock hard cock.

“Oh no, we can’t forget about my brother,” Amy says with a smile, coming round from her orgasm. “That was great but I think I want to ride you.”

“Great idea!” Rachel replies.

You lie down on the bed and your sister straddles you. As she does, you squeeze her breasts and smack her ass a little. “I’ve missed this,” you say to her.

She replies with a smile and sinks her cunt down onto your cock. As she begins to fuck you Rachel sits nearby, playing with her clit and touching Amy’s breasts.

Your sister rides your cock hard. Her tits bounce as she humps her step-brother. You feel amazing as you watch your cock slide in and out of this taboo pussy. You can’t believe you ever stopped doing this.

Approaching climax, you sit up and hold Amy tight. Banging into her as she moans, you start to come. You shoot jets of spunk up into her cunt, making her moan louder. Spurt after spurt erupts into your sister until you finally collapse, spent.

Tired but happy, you look up at your girlfriend who is smiling broadly. “Well that was fun,” she says.

Amy though, looks troubled as she looks down at the cum dripping from her well-fucked pussy. “What’s the matter?” you ask.

“It’s a bad time of the month for me,” she replies. “I hope I don’t get pregnant.”

The End