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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

Amy’s eyes fly open as she realizes the ramifications of this statement. Over the line she hears you say “Mom and Dad aren’t around to see this!” and she also hears it when you start drilling Rachel harder.

“Ross, I’ve been a naughty sister, pleeeeeeaaaassseee forgive me!” she hears Rachel squeal. Amy puts her feet on the floor but doesn’t get up from the bed quite yet. She realizes how wet she has gotten from listening to you and Rachel role-play a scenario between you and your own sister.

Amy hears you two climax and settle on the bed. Then she hears something that makes her heart lurch. “Let me check my texts to see if Amy has gotten back to me yet.”

Amy is left with two choices. Does she quickly end the call, or tell you she heard the whole thing?