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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Romeo Catullus...)

Amy quickly hangs up the phone. She swiftly taps out a text to Rachel and begins to get dressed. She chooses to wear a slinky, black, body-hugging dress that shows off her curves in all the right places. Then your step-sister grabs her purse and her keys off the counter, and gets into her car.

While she is on her way, you and Rachel are throwing on some clothes; you, some loose fit pants and a t-shirt, while your girlfriend puts on a nice little skirt, one which could be raised to reveal her beautiful pussy. A loose-fitting shirt hides the beautiful body beneath, but it is easy to remove. You both go into the kitchen and wait for Amy to knock.

Amy knocks and you quickly welcome her in. Her face is a bit flushed, and you, not knowing she has masturbated during the car ride over (she always had a knack for that), urge her to sit. This is a sitting down question.

“Okay, I’m here now. What could be so important that you called me this late?” Amy asks Rachel.

Rachel giggles. “Well, remember all those stories you told me about what you and Ross did at University?”

“Yeah,” Amy says, acting confused. Rachel, however, can clearly see through this facade.

“Don’t play coy with me,” Rachel says slyly. “I know what you did. You told me how wonderful it felt for his cock to slide in and out of you. And you were right. It does feel good.” Amy is gaping at this point, but she still seems to be pretending.

You put your hand on your sister’s knee. “So earlier tonight, Rachel said to me that she had one fantasy, and it was for us three to have sex. What do you think?”

You wait in anticipation of Amy’s response.