Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bernie...)

“Fuck it,” you decide. You walk over and grab your step-sister Amy’s ass and start having a feel. She shows no sign of resentment so you continue. You spit on your sister’s ass and it slides down her crack to her perfectly tight hole. Before she can stop to say anything you slide your notably hard cock right into her ass and start pounding away. You remember how much your sister loves anal so you slam hard and deep.

Amy turns around in astonishment, “I don’t remember saying you could stick that in meeeeeeeeeee… Ross, you can’t just doooo —” Your sister’s words are halted by another hard slam into her ass.

“You were saying?” you ask as you continue to fuck your sister’s tight little asshole.

“To hell with it, fuck me, slap my ass.”

You oblige her request as your girlfriend lifts her neck up and begins sucking your balls as best she can. Amy begins to finger your girlfriend’s pussy and moans, “That’s right, fuck it, fuck your little sister’s asshole!”

As Rachel continues to finger Amy’s pussy, she stops sucking your balls to announce she is cumming. She moans in orgasm and collapses to the floor for only a brief moment before getting up and to give you a long and passionate kiss.

“Are you enjoying this Amy?” your girlfriend asks. All Amy can get out is a screaming cry of joy as she too is cumming. Her body starts to shiver and she bites her lip to prevent herself from screaming again.

“I wanna taste my ass on your cock,” Amy says and gets onto her knees. Rachel starts fingering her pussy as she watches your step-sister slurp on your wet dick. Amy begins deep-throating your hard cock and you feel as if you are about to explode.

You tell Rachel to come join your sister and you begin rapidly jerking your cock over their faces. Cum shoots out of your dick and lands in your girlfriend’s mouth and all over her tits. The two girls giggle and start kissing and swapping cum to each other making sure not a drop is left out.

As they continue to enjoy your cum, you get your cock ready to give your girlfriend a turn, she’s been very patient in letting you tear apart your sister.