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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“You can have her for two days in return for five thousand,” you tell him, then you add “Non-negotiable.” You glance at Rachel, who looks shocked that you’d whore her out like this.

“That sounds fair,” the man answers. “Are there any rules besides the no-anal thing?”

“I’d appreciate it if you could record every time you fuck her,” you answer, grinning. “And give me the videos when you return her.”

“Done and done,” he answers, digging out his wallet. He counts out the five thousand in notes and hands them over, ecstatic that Rachel will be his for two days. He picks up your broken girlfriend and walks out of the bathroom as you wave to her.

Over the next two days, you can’t help but jack off to the thought of what the stranger is doing with Rachel’s hot body. On the third day, the man brings her to your house. Your girlfriend looks physically broken and exhausted from all the sex she undoubtedly underwent. The man hands over the tapes and says, “I edited the sex together into one DVD for you. Pleasure doing business with you.”

You help Rachel to her feet and almost carry her to the sofa. You sit next to her, feeling slightly uneasy. You open your mouth “Rachel, I —”

“Ross, don’t.” she answers, not looking at you.

“No, I’m sorry,” you say, not even knowing if you are.

“Babe…” your girlfriend says, smiling up at you. “Don’t be. Now shut up and put that DVD on. I get the feeling you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.”

The End