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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“None of you touch her asshole,” you tell the men, prompting a thank-you sort of smile from your girlfriend. “I want it for myself,” you add, quickly wiping the smile from her face.

You point at the man fucking her doggy-style and gesture for him to get underneath her. He does so, swinging Rachel’s leg over him and sinking his cock back into her sore pussy. You get behind Rachel and prod her ass entrance with your cock.

If she thinks you’re going to be gentle, she is sadly mistaken. You thrust into her with all your strength, going balls deep into your girlfriend’s virgin asshole. She just lets out a gasp of shock in response, muffled by the cock in her mouth.

You start pounding Rachel’s tight asshole as fast and hard as you can, partly because you’ve always wanted to fuck her ass, and partly because she deserves it for being such a tease.

Rachel’s muffled screams and gagging as you and the two other men thrust into her convey all kinds of different emotions, none of which you can make sense of.

Pretty soon you feel the all-too-familiar sensation in your balls and know that you’re going to blow any moment.