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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

While your girlfriend is calling everyone, you l get the house ready. You open your private closet full of kinky stuff. Whips, condoms, lubricant and porn movies.

You get down to the hall and move the furniture. Then, you place the stuff at the centre of the hall. Just when you are finished, your girlfriend enters the hall.

“I called everyone we know, including my parents and your parents,” Rachel says.

“What???” you shout at her. “I’m not gonna fuck around with our parents with us!”

“I’m sorry, Ross. I can tell them not to come if you don’t like it,” she says.

You’re just about to say you don’t when you remember how Rachel’s mom looks. Those big tits and ass give you a boner every time you think about her, even now.

Rachel notices this and smiles. “So, what’s your answer, Ross?”