Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by King28...)

“Okay, fine, whatever,” you say, trying to sound casual but secretly cheering in your mind.

“Thanks, babe!” Sn replies. “Just to show you how grateful I am…” Your girlfriend gets down on her knees and takes out your half-erect dick. She gives it a few strokes and licks its sides.

You moan as she puts it in her mouth, deep-throating you while you push her head. She looks so fucking hot in her cherry-red bra (that barely conceals one fourth of her tits) and matching cherry-red panties (they seem to have gone into her ass crack, giving you a beautiful view of your girlfriend’s bare ass.) After a few minutes, you burst your load in her mouth (“Oh, fuck yes!!!”) as she drinks it.

Just then, the doorbell rings. You hurriedly stuff your dick back in your boxers as Rachel gets the door.

It’s your step-sister Amy. “Sorry to interrupt your fun!” she says while giggling. You understand why. A line of your cum is dripping off Rachel’s lips. She hastily wipes it off as you invite Amy in.

As soon as she’s in, she strips down to her bra and undies. Even though she’s your sister, you can’t help but get a boner just by looking at her sexy figure. Amy notices this and smiles seductively at you.

Soon, all the other guests arrive. This includes Rachel’s best friend Monica, your virgin best friend Jamie, Rachel’s super-hot college mates, your sex-addicted high school buddies, Rachel’s boss John, Rachel’s parents and your parents.

It seems as though everyone is in their underwear, staring lustfully at one another. You need to do something to get everyone in a great mood. But what?

You look at your stack of porno movies at the centre of the hall, then you glance over at your slutty girlfriend.