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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by TheNightman...)

Monica licks her lips as she eyes your massive swollen member.

“I want you in my mouth,” she breathes. Her normal confident and outspoken nature is nowhere to be found as it comes out as almost pleading.

You lie on your back and prop your head up with pillows to make sure you have a good view of Monica as well as your girlfriend, who now is working the massive pink dildo in and out of her wet pussy with a slight twisting motion.

Monica starts at the base of your shaft using her tongue to bathe it in saliva, working her way up to the tip where she pulls back a bit so a single strand of saliva stretches from the head of your cock to the tip of her tongue before it breaks. At this point Monica positions her mouth directly over your cock and locks eyes with you as she slowly parts her full lips and you enter her warm soft mouth. Slowly she begins to work her way down, never taking her gorgeous eyes off yours. A few seconds later and she has engulfed your entire length and her nose is pressed against your pubis.

“Jesus!” you hear Rachel exclaim, but you can’t seem to break the eye contact with her best friend who by some miracle is not only not gagging on your cock but is somehow managing to dart out her tongue to lick your balls while down there! Monica pulls her head back to take a great gasping breath, thick ropes of saliva connecting her mouth to your cock. After only a momentary breath she engulfs the entire thing again, repeating this process several times. At one point you a steal a quick glance at your girlfriend who is now jamming the dildo with one hand and furiously rubbing her clit with the other.

Your mind is racing at this point — much longer like this and you’ll blow your load right down Monica’s throat.