Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by TheNightman...)

Monica pulls herself off your saliva-soaked member and grabs a nearby article of discarded clothing, to wipe the spit from her face.

You shuffle your positions so that she is now lying on her back and you prepare to enter her. In this moment the way the light hits Monica’s face and body, you don’t believe you’ve ever seen a woman look so beautiful. You’ve always nursed a secret crush on Rachel’s best friend but always thought it was because you just wanted to fuck her. But now you think it could be more and, as you slowly part the lips of her vagina with the head of your cock, she’s looking right back into your eyes as though she’s thinking the same thing you are.

You slowly slide the length of your cock inside her and as you do this you lean in and share a passionate kiss, tongues intertwining and dancing together.

At this point you realize that you are not fucking her — you two are making love and it’s just about the most incredible thing you’ve ever experienced. Even when you reach your climax you don’t bother to stop, you just continue thrusting, kissing, touching, rubbing until after a while a second orgasm hits you and after this you both just collapse in a heap, still kissing and holding each other.

As you lie there with Monica in your arms you begin to come back to reality and a sudden thought hits you. You crane your neck to see the chair your girlfriend was occupying and it is empty and she is nowhere to be seen.

You should probably be concerned about this but instead you just cuddle with Monica and fall asleep.

The End