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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Have you still got that maid’s outfit I bought as a joke?” you ask, smiling.

Rachel catches on instantly. “I believe so, Master. Let me check.” She almost runs to the cupboard and opens the doors wide. She grabs the maid outfit and wastes no time in putting it on right before you.

You take a moment to look at your sexy girlfriend. The outfit hugs Rachel’s figure very nicely, showing off everything she has. It’s not much — a simple black dress with white frills. But Rachel slips on some high-heels and the look is complete.

“Master, do you have anything for me to clean today?” she asks in an innocent voice, smiling serenely.

“Yes, something that I quite you are quite qualified for,” you answer. You pull back the sheets and expose your rock-hard dick to her.

Her fake-gasps in shock and horror make you wonder why she never applied for voice acting in an anime or something. “Master… I… I am your maid, not your servant!” she whispers shrilly.

“Are you not required to carry out any duties I task you with?” you answer.

“Yes but-” she starts, but you interrupt her.

“Did you not swear to do everything you can to satisfy me?”

“Well… yes-” she answers, and you interrupt her again to deliver the final blow.

“And is it not true that you regularly masturbate, judging from the sounds of moaning in your room every night?”

At this, she actually turns red. “Master, I cannot help that. Women have certain needs, just as men do,” she tells you.

“Then, we can help each other with our needs,” you answer, smiling.

Rachel takes a moment to think “Okay, Master. How would you like me to clean your meaty pole?”