Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by RandomShadfan...)

“Rachel, how do you feel about fucking a girl while I watch instead?” you ask tentatively.

Your girlfriend is taken aback by your answer. “I haven’t really thought about that,” she admits. “I experimented with girls in college a little, but unless we used toys I didn’t really get much out of it.”

“Well, since we started dating I’ve always fantasized about seeing you and another girl fucking,” you tell her.

“Let me guess — it’s usually my friend Monica?” she asks rhetorically.

“You two are pretty hot together. Not that you’re a slacker on your own,” you quickly cover up your mistake.

“Great save, Ross,” she chuckles. “As to the question, I wouldn’t mind fucking a girl if you wanted me to. I mean, I don’t think it’ll be different as long as you’re watching.”

You heart skips a beat at these words. You’ll get to watch Rachel fuck a girl, fulfilling your fantasy, and you’re watching her while she fucks the girl, fulfilling her fantasy. Win-win.

“So who do you want me to fuck? Your step-sister Amy? Monica? A complete stranger?” Rachel asks. You notice her cross her fingers as she says “complete stranger.”