Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

As you open the garage door you gasp with shock as you see your step-sister and your girlfriend making out with each other.

Amy is sitting on the workbench spreading her legs wide and Rachel is standing in front of her with her hand in your sister’s pants. Their mouths are interlocked and your sister’s hand is under your girlfriend’s blouse, fondling her boobs.

“Hey! What do you two think you’re doing?” you shout, but they hardly seem to notice you.

Rachel looks up at you, but she keeps fingering your sister in front of you. Amy moans lowly as she’s sitting on the workbench. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by you watching.

“Well, it was you who said we should go back to normal, right? This is normal for Amy and me,” says Rachel and looks straight at you. “Amy and I have been lovers since long before you and I even started dating. We wanted to let you in on our little secret slowly, but since you’re being so stubborn about it, I suppose we just have to find another man. Someone who can appreciate and satisfy both me and Amy.”

You don’t know what to say and for a while you stand baffled in the door to the garage.

“Close the door on your way out, please,” says Rachel and smiles as she turns her attention to Amy again. “Because I’m going to finger-fuck the shit out of your sister right now.”

The End