Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

You hear the doorbell ring.

“That would be Carol,” says Aunt Vera, without looking up from Rachel’s pussy, carefully shaving away every single hair. “Ross, will you be a darling and let her in?”

Your cousin Carol has just turned eighteen. You’ve never thought much of her, but as you open the door you realize Carol has matured well since you last saw her. She is no longer the clumsy plump teen you remember with pimples in her face and braces in her teeth. She is a red haired, beautiful young woman.

“Hello Ross,” says Carol and as you help her with her overcoat you can see she made an effort to pick a nice outfit for the evening. She’s wearing a white dress that’s so thin you can almost see the lace of her underwear through it.

“I’m sorry,” she says, noticing you watching her, “I hope you don’t think the dress is too much? I wanted to wear something nice tonight.”

“No, you look amazing! I’m just surprised how much you grown since last I saw you.”

“Oh, you mean these?” she says, pushing up her big boobs with her hands. “Thanks for noticing, mom paid for them. I had them done after I graduated.”

You take a moment to admire Carol’s graduation present. They look really firm and cuddly. In the back of your mind you wonder what it would feel like to squeeze them.

“And I didn’t lose any sensitivity in my nipples,” says Carol, while you’re still searching for something clever to say. “I hear some people actually do, but if anything I think they have gotten even more sensitive.”

“Um, that’s nice. Your mother and Rachel are in the living room, preparing for the dinner. I think your mother is expecting you.”