Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

In the living room Aunt Vera has just finished shaving Rachel’s pussy, and after she cleans off the rest of the shaving foam with a wet towel, Rachel stands up and displays her naked body for all to see.

“Ah there you are Carol,” says Aunt Vera as you and your cousin step into the room. “Now would you look at what an amazing body Rachel has. I would say there’s a nice specimen of natural woman right there. No need for surgical implants there I tell you.”

“Mom, would you stop it already!” says Carol. “I can’t help I inherited your flat chest. It’s only fair you compensated me.”

“Eh, do you want me to leave?” you say as you feel the tension between mother and daughter ignite sparks in the room.

“No Ross, please stay,” says Rachel, “I’d feel much more comfortable with you around.”

You sit down on the living room couch and watch as the preparations unfold.

“Alright then darling” says Aunt Vera. “The guests will be here in an hour and we’ve got lots of work to do.”

Aunt Vera orders Rachel to climb up on the table and take her place on the big silver plate in the middle. Carol helps her to ascend the table and Rachel obediently follows Aunt Vera’s directions and assumes her position.

Rachel is sitting in an uncomfortable position, with her chest and head down towards the metal plate and her legs tucked in under her, her ass sticking up and out in the air.

“Exactly like that,” says Aunt Vera. “First we start with the roping. Tying the turkey together is most important, because you don’t want any of the tender meat to fall apart before you get to taste it.”

Aunt Vera brings out a long cotton rope and with Carol’s assistance she starts binding Rachel’s thighs together with her feet.

“This might hurt a bit,” says Aunt Vera, “But it will make it much easier for you to hold your position. And at the same time it helps you get a lot lower into the position while it spreads your legs and helps you to open up your pelvis.”

You can hear Rachel moaning as Aunt Vera tightens the knots on the rope.

“You see here Ross,” says Aunt Vera as she’s pulling at the ropes and pointing at Rachel’s newly shaved pussy peeking out from between her legs. “You see how nicely she opens up when you tighten the position like this?”

“Umhm!” you say, and swallow hard as you feel a hard on grow in your pants.

Aunt Vera then continues to tie up Rachel’s butt cheeks so that they are spread wide and expose her ass hole. You feel sorry for Rachel that she has to endure this, but at the same time it makes you very aroused. And you think about how much she must love you to go through all this just to impress your family.

“Rachel honey, are you alright?” you ask, as you feel your dick throbbing in your pants. “It’s not too uncomfortable for you?”

“No honey I’m fine. It’s a good thing I took those yoga lessons after all,” says Rachel and smiles back at you while Aunt Vera continues to tie the thin rope tightly around her chest, then ties her arms tight against her back. “But how about you honey? You look a bit flustered, is everything alright?”