Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by John...)

You tell Dominique to lie on her back.

“Please, can’t I go? I sucked your cock?” she pleads.

“Ah come on, you suck everyone’s cock,” Rachel quickly responds. “Just take her, Ross.”

Spurred on by your girlfriend you take your shirt off and push Dominique on her back. As you are trying to force yourself on top of her, she quickly rolls over in an attempt to stop you from fucking her pussy.

You grab her tits with one hand as you hold her down. “So you don’t want my cock in your pussy?” you ask her.

“No, of course not!” she responds.

“Well okay, I’ll just fuck you in the ass!” you reply with a big grin on your face.

Dominique is now trying to get away as hard as she can, but she is only turning you on more. You slowly manage to get the head of your cock inside of her ass, then you grab her hips and start pushing your cock in deeper.

As Dominique is struggling to get your cock out she accidentally pushes it further in. Having her tight asshole wrapped around your cock feels amazing. You haven’t tried anal because you never dared to ask Rachel, but having Dominique here means you can do whatever you want, so you start pounding into the helpless girl underneath you.

“It hurts,” Dominique says softly.

“It hurts less if you stop resisting,” answers Rachel.

“Okay,” replies Dominique while relaxing her asshole and letting you have your fun with her.

“Better now?” Rachel asks the two of you.

“Yeah,” Dominique replies.

“Fuck yeah, her ass feels amazing!” you reply. “Oooh yeah Dominique!” you shout while filling her colon with your semen.