Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Nervously you look at your girlfriend who is waiting for your answer. Your mind is racing but you know the idea of seeing her suck cock turns you on. “I, I will come with you,” you stutter.

Rachel grins and you and squeals as she launches herself into your lap. She quickly fishes out your hard cock and feeds it into her soaking pussy. “Thank you, thank you Ross!” she screams as she rides you both to an amazing orgasm.

Next morning you both wake early. Rachel looks at you and smiles. “I can’t believe you are coming with me. I really want to do this and for you to watch.”

You really don’t know what to say or do. Rachel dresses in a mini dress, black and tight. She kisses you passionately, “I want you to go in first, just mingle, then sneak into the back room. I will follow you in.”

Just before one o’clock you both arrive at Xotics, Rachel smiles at you as you exit the car. On entering the sex shop you are amazed at the sights around you. The screens are showing two women fucking one man, neon lights are highlighting a promo on strap on dildos — wherever you look there are tits and ass on covers and posters. The man behind the counter you recognize from Rachel’s description, and there are four other guys just looking around. You suddenly wonder if Rachel has ever sucked their cocks. You see the curtain and make your way back towards it. As Rachel enters the shop you sneak through the curtain.

Looking back you can see from the darkness the man behind the counter come around and kiss Rachel full on the lips, his hand effortlessly brushing her ass. The fact he did it without thinking and Rachel didn’t object proves that it’s not their first encounter. As Rachel walks towards the curtain the men all look at her and smile.

Rachel enters the curtained off area and pushes you into the black leather seat. As she kisses you, you start to push your hand up her mini dress. You realize very quickly she is not wearing any knickers and is soaking wet. As you open your eyes you suddenly notice that right in front of you is a seven-inch cock poking through a hole in the wall.

Rachel smiles at you and says, “game time.” As your girlfriend eases herself off you and moves towards the cock you can’t believe what’s about to happen.