Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sexdot...)

You collapse on the couch, looking at your girlfriend’s friend’s beautiful face covered in your hot, sticky cum. You notice that her expression… has changed from a grimace to a smile. Despite the handcuffs, she collects some of your cum off her cheek and eats it, licking her lips.

“Thank you, Master.”

“Fuck, looks like she’s finally getting around to it,” you tell Rachel, who’s still fingering herself.

“Yeah, I always knew she was a dirty whore,” your girlfriend replies, hot and bothered.

“Mistress, can I help you cum?” Monica asks sweetly.

You watch as Rachel says yes and your new slave crawls over to her. Rachel guides your slave’s cum-covered face towards her crotch, and Monica immediately starts eating her out. Rachel is moaning and playing with her tits in pleasure. Blood is flowing to your cock again, making it hurt a bit but in a good way. You notice Monica’s tight, curvy ass, sticking up in the air as she’s bent over eating out your girlfriend.

You get up and walk over to the two of them. You get behind the slave girl and crouch over her ass. You spit on your cock and, without warning, plunge your erection into her pussy.

“Oh, FUCK!” your slave shouts, looking up at your girlfriend. Rachel laughs and gets down in front of the slave. She holds her face with her hands and says, “You like that, you filthy slut? You like my boyfriend’s big cock in your whore pussy?”

“Y-Yes, Mistress, I like my Master’s big cock in my wh-whore pussy.”

$’s pussy feels amazing too. In fact, it might actually feel better than your girlfriend’s pussy. It seems so much tighter and wetter. You grab handfuls of her tight ass and fuck her hard — deep and long thrusts. Meanwhile, Rachel is choking your slave lightly while talking dirty to her.

“Look at you, face covered in cum, and a cock in your pussy. You’re our whore, aren’t you? Say it. Say you’re my whore.”

“I-I’m your whore, Mistress.”

“Good. Now open your mouth.”

Monica opens her mouth as your girlfriend stands up, spreads her legs, and furiously rubs her clit till she starts squirting all over Monica’s face and hair. When she’s done, she walks over to you.

“Wanna fuck me?” she asks flirtatiously.

Although you’re not sure of the answer, you pull out of Monica’s pussy. Your girlfriend places her hands on your shoulders as you grab her by the waist and pick her up. She wraps her soft, naked legs around your waist. Your cock is pressed up against her warm, wet pussy. You’re holding her up by her soft, supple ass. She reaches down and guides your dick into her cunt. You both moan as you penetrate her fully. Once you’re balls-deep, you start bouncing her on your cock. Soon, you’re hammering into her standing up. Her tits bounce against your face.

“Bitch — use your mouth!” Rachel says. Your slave gets on her knees and starts licking your balls. It feels amazing. After a few minutes, you’re ready to cum. Rachel can tell.

“Give it to me, baby. Cum inside me. Please.”

She’s literally pleading. You feel Monica suck on your ballsack and it sends you over the edge — you shoot your second load, this time deep inside your girlfriend. When you’re done, she unmounts you and lies down on the couch. She spreads her legs and calls for Monica.

Her friend starts eating her out again — sucking out your cum from her pussy. “And don’t forget to swallow it!” your girlfriend says.

When you’re all done, you shower and get ready for bed. Monica is to sleep on a duvet in your bedroom, in case she’s needed at night. As you spoon your girlfriend and drift into sleep, you wonder about how else you can use your new slave.