Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

“No, I don’t want to be there, but…” You stammer, worrying Rachel may take it negatively. “I… I don’t… I don’t want things to go any further so I want to see.”

“Don’t worry Ross, we will fix our security cameras in the hall so that you can watch us live… and you can call me any time to stop,” Rachel says with reassurance.

The next day, according to plan, you fix two extra cameras in the main hall, with a monitor in your room near the hall. You lock the room but keep the window open with curtains closed so that you can hear them or even see them when you want. Then you call Jamie home, and as soon as he’s near your home, you call him and ask, “Hey Jamie, where are you?”

“Just a few minutes away,” Jamie replies.

“Okay, I have an emergency at work. I have to go there and I’ll be back in around two hours. Sorry mate, Rachel will be there to keep you company and I’ll be back soon.”

“Two hours? Jamie asks in surprise.

“Yes, sorry but I’ll try my best, you watch a movie or have some beer, it’s weekend anyway,” you reply, sounding like you are in a rush. To make things right, you park your car at the back of your house so that he doesn’t have any doubts.

“And hey, Rachel will be taking a bath, so I am keeping the main door open, just come in when you arrive,” you tell Jamie and then hang up.

Now you wait and Rachel goes for a shower in the room upstairs. After some time, you hear the door opening and you can see Jamie coming in. There are three cameras so you can see the hall from all the angles plus your additional view from the window.

Jamie sits on the sofa and turns on the TV. After a few minutes, Rachel comes downstairs in a towel only. She acts like she didn’t know he was there. Jamie and Rachel are frank enough to talk and laugh but nothing more than that.

“Hey Jamie, I didn’t know you were coming, sorry, let me get dressed,” Rachel says.

“Sorry Rachel, I should have knocked but I thought Ross would have told you,” your friend says apologetically.

“Oh no, he had to leave in hurry, anyway, I’ll get dressed and come back. You want some water or soft drink?” Rachel asks politely.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take from the fridge if I want,” Jamie replies.

Rachel then starts walking and she hit her toe on the table and falls. Even though she is acting she must have hurt herself for real. She falls hardly three step away from Jamie and loses her towel, lying stark naked on the floor, holding her foot in pain.

From Jamie’s side, he must have a very good view of her ass and side boob. He immediately stands and looks at her, he’s like blank, not sure what to do. But then Rachel cries in pain. He picks her up and sits her on the sofa, taking a good look at her whole front, her boobs and shaved pussy. You can clearly see she has just shaved her pussy. “My girlfriend shaved herself especially for Jamie,” you think, and you’re not sure why but that gives you a hard-on.

After having a good view of her, he realizes he’s staring at Rachel’s body. He grabs the towel and covers her. “Hey Rachel, are you okay?”

“Ahh, I am in pain and I am embarrassed too,” Rachel replies in an innocent tone.

“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, let me see your foot.”

Jamie sits in front of Rachel, now covered. He gives her a massage on her foot for a short while, then applies some balm and sits on the opposite sofa. When Rachel is out of pain, they start talking casually.

“I should go and get dressed, please help me get up,” Rachel says, extending her hand towards Jamie.

Jamie stands up and takes Rachel’s hand. At first she picks up the towel, trying to wrap it around her but she’s unable to do so. Jamie can again see her half-naked, half-covered with towel.

“Need help covering you?” Jamie asks, being gentlemanly.

“Yes please…. No, actually leave it… you have already seen me naked.” Rachel drops the towel and stand up with support of Jamie.

Jamie scans her body from head to toe and keeps on staring without realizing Rachel is waiting for him to take her to the room.

“Hey, don’t stare,” Rachel says.

“Oh sorry, let’s go.” Jamie wraps his hand around Rachel’s back and takes her to the room.

Now you can’t see what’s happening in the room. You are confused, should you call Rachel to come out of the room for a better view, or go into that room and join the fun?