Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by James...)

“Shit on me!” you cry.

“Oh, you want me to shit on you?” Rachel sits up and puts her hand around your cock and lightly tugs. “On this rock-hard cock? Mmm, I bet you’d like that, Ross.”

“Babe, I’d love that. Just the thought of your shit having my cum in it after you swallow makes me so hard. Please shit for me!”

“Mmm okay. I’ll shit for you. I gotta warn you, it’s gonna smell pretty bad.”

Rachel sits on your hard cock and immediately you feel the butthole contract and start to push out her smelly shit, followed by a sexy little moan from your girlfriend.

A few moments later, you feel a hot mass wrap around your cock with a strange feel to it. You thrust hard into her, moving her little bowel movement around.

“Oh fuck, having shit in there during anal makes it feel so much better!” You thrust harder than you ever have before, making Rachel moan as she shits on your cock.

“Oh fuck babe this is so good! Pull out and let me suck your cock!” she says (followed by an “mmm”). Your girlfriend actually wants to eat her own shit off your cock!

“Oh babe, that’s so kinky!” You pull out, releasing a heavenly smell of her farts and shit, and instantly you feel more precum shoot up. You look down at your cock (more precum!) and see that the whole thing has a layer of your girlfriend’s shit all over it.

“Oh, don’t forget the balls!” Rachel says as she rubs her dirty butthole against them. She moves into a sixty-nine position, putting her hot, smelly ass near your face.

“Mmm, I’ve always wanted to eat my shit off your cock!” she says. She shoves your whole cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it to clean it. Some leftover shit comes out her ass and onto your upper lip. You stick your tongue out and eat her delicious gift. You continue to eat her ass.

“Oh my god baby, your cock tastes so good after I shit all over it,” exclaims Rachel.

“Oh babe, please shit for me every night!” you reply rapturously.

She bobs her head on your stinky cock for another minute while you eat her ass.

“Babe, I’m gonna cum! Can I cum in your ass?”

“Yeah babe, you can cum in my little dirty ass!” She pulls off you back into a sort of cowgirl position. “Mmm, do you like my shit? My smelly dirty butthole? Mmm, yeah I bet you do. Cum for me. Cum in my shitty ass.” She is now moving in circular motions on your cock (which is dirty again.)

“Babe I’m gonna cum!” you cry.

You take in all the smells of farts and shit, look at your pretty girlfriend’s face, and cum while making eye contact.

“Mmm yeah! I’m cumming too! Oh!!” Rachel lets out a scream of pleasure and thrusts on your cock fast, farting halfway through, then she collapses on the bed.

“We gotta clean up, but we can do this again soon,” you say. You help clean the bed, and even wipe her ass for her (you jerk off in that wipe when she’s away) and take a shower. She joins you in the shower, and then you fall asleep with her in bed, one hand on your cock and one on her ass. She even farts in her sleep!

What happens tomorrow?

(Editor’s note: Hopefully we never find out!)