Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

“I think Jamie will be out of control, I want this thing in front of me,” you reply.

“Oh Ross, I love you!” Rachel gives you a passionate kiss.

Jamie and Rachel are already frank with each other but they are just friends so far. You plan a farmhouse picnic plan with Jamie on the weekend. It will be you, Rachel, and Jamie as he doesn’t have a girl friend.

At the farm house, you guys enjoy cooking, games, food and by the evening, you and Jamie are swimming in the pool while Rachel stays out. After a while, Jamie asks Rachel, “Hey, why are you not coming for a dip?”

“I want to but I didn’t bring my swimsuit,” Rachel replies.

“Haha, too bad you can’t enjoy this beautiful pool… but hey, you can come in your tees and shorts, there aren’t any rules, it’s us only,” Jamie replies.

“Well I can, but don’t want to spoil my clothes. I’d rather come naked if you don’t look.” Saying this, Rachel takes off her shirt and stands near the pool in her bra and shorts and says, “Please look away, Jamie.”

Jamie looks on the other side and Rachel takes off everything and dives into the pool. She’s on your left while Jamie is on your right.

“You can look now,” Rachel says while she’s standing in deep water. Her boobs are in the water but a wobbly image of them can be seen easily. You are now thinking that Rachel will give Jamie a hand-job in the pool, which makes you hard, but nothing happens. You all swim for a while, Jamie taking a glance at your girlfriend’s body every once in a while but with care that you don’t notice. You catch him anyway.