Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Emma...)

“Um, well anything for you honey,” you say, as you feel a black sinking feeling in your gut. “You know how much I love you.”

After you hung up the phone you go into the bathroom and stare yourself in the mirror for a long time, trying to figure out what you’ve got yourself into. You don’t know how long you’ve been standing there but when you hear the front door open and close, you quickly wash your face and go out in the hall.

Alexis is kind of short, with blond curly hair. He has a boyish look about him and your guess is he’s a few years younger than Rachel. He smiles at you as you exit the bathroom and you can see he’s got big deep dimples and round cheeks, and his brown eyes are trimmed on you with a devilish glimpse in them.

You swallow hard and try to act normal. Whatever is normal in a situation like this.

“Um, hello,” you say and put your hand out, not really sure how to act. “I’m Ross.”

He takes your hand and shakes it. He has soft slender hands and you can’t take your eyes away from those dimples.

“Nice to finally meet you Ross,” says Alexis, “Rachel has told me so much about you.” Then he holds your hand a little bit longer then what’s comfortable.

Rachel giggles and excuses he self. “Well,” she says, “why don’t the two of you get a little acquainted with each other while I slip into something more comfortable?” She then escapes into the bedroom and leave the two of you standing in the hallway.

“This wasn’t exactly your idea, was it?” says Alexis after Rachel is gone. “Rachel put you up to this didn’t she?”

“Yeah, well she can be very persuasive, if you know what I mean.”

“I hear you, and if you don’t mind me saying so, she’s a very attractive woman.”

You’re a bit surprised to hear that from a man you were so sure was gay, but then again, that Rachel was a bombshell was just an indisputable fact as obvious as the sky was blue.

“So, you’ve never been with a man before?”