Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

At night, after dinner, you start watching a movie. You and Jamie are wearing shorts while Rachel is in her tees and pajamas.

You and Rachel sitting on one sofa while Jamie is on the other. Rachel is lying half across you and she starts rubbing herself on you. Slowly she comes nearer and starts kissing you.

“Hey guys, you forgot you have company,” Jamie laughs.

Rachel ignores him and climbs on top of you and kisses you passionately…

“Excuse me, do you want me to leave?” Jamie interrupts again.

“I don’t mind,” Rachel says and she takes her shirt off. She’s not wearing any bra. At first, she is sitting in a position that Jamie can only see her bare back or side boobs but then she moves a bit sideways and gives your friend a good view of her nipples. This time Jamie stares at her boobs and Rachel keeps her show going. In the meantime, your eyes meet Jamie’s and he starts feeling weird. He stands up to leave the room. As he walks past, Rachel holds his hand to stop him. “Don’t go,” Rachel says, looking in his eyes.

Rachel stands up and makes him sit on the sofa next to you. She strips down her pajamas and panties and climbs on top of you again. You open your pants zip and cover myself with Rachel. You don’t want Jamie to see your dick, but you can’t resist fucking your girlfriend right in front of him.

Rachel holds your cock and slides it inside her pussy. Her other hand moves to Jamie’s rock hard cock. She opens his pants and he slides them down. You can see his cock. She holds it and start stroking it slowly. Jamie moans, but he doesn’t move. Rachel, while fucking you, starts playing with him more. She gets her lips very close to his face as if she’s going to kiss him but she doesn’t. She said she wanted to seduce Jamie, and she’s doing it well.

After stroking him for five minutes, Rachel whispers in your ear. “Now it’s Jamie’s turn, can I fuck him?”

You look at her surprised and say out loud, “Rachel, please no…”

She bites on your ear and says, “I know you want me to.”

You feel like she’s right. You don’t know why but you want her fuck Jamie. You are not sure what to say…