Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

“No Rachel, don’t do it!” you say whispering but in a strong tone.

Rachel humps you at a slow pace and she strokes Jamie in time with her movements. After four humps, she slowly lifts her ass and your dick pops out.

“Okay, I won’t fuck him, but…” Rachel says while holding your cock and moving on top of Jamie. She slowly sits on his lap. Jamie takes a deep breath, expecting to penetrate Rachel, but he stays still. Rachel slowly presses her pussy on top of Jamie’s dick without penetration. You can see Jamie’s dick is not inside her, but it can go in anytime Rachel or Jamie wants. Rachel is grinding faster and Jamie’s hands are now on her ass. He tries to kiss Rachel but she doesn’t let him.

In the start, you were hiding your dick from Jamie but now all you are worried is about his dick not penetrating your girlfriend.

Rachel sort of reads your mind and whispers in your ear while continuously stroking your cock. “Don’t worry Ross, I am not fucking him.” She kisses you passionately for a minute and then she moans and bites on your lip. At the same time you hear Jamie moan as well.

You grab Rachel by her hair and push her face back. You immediately look at Jamie’s dick, which is now deep inside Rachel.

You look at Rachel in alarm and she says, “Sorry Ross, mmhhmm, Sorry…”