Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

You get real angry with your girlfriend but you are still feeling hot with all that is happening. You want to punish Rachel now, so you grab her by her hair and bring her close to your cock and hold her there.

She wraps her lips around your cock and keeps on humping Jamie as well. You slowly push her down till she takes your dick completely in her mouth and you give her a deep-throat for a few seconds till she’s out of breath. You pull her head up and then push it down again, slowly you increasing your pace, thrusting into her throat again and again. She stops moving her ass and tries to slow you down with her hands, but you keep on doing so.

On the other hand, since Rachel has stopped humping Jamie, he grabs her ass and starts moving his hips with a slow but steady pace. Jamie is now moaning loudly while Rachel is making loud noises with her throat.

She tries to bite you in order to stop you but you grab her hair with force. She looks up at you with your cock still in her throat and tears in her eyes. You whisper with a strong voice, “Don’t you dare,” and you again start giving her continuous throats.

Jamie feels things are not right but he keeps on moving Rachel’s ass up and down. He’s already on the verge of orgasm and so are you. After a few more strokes, you hold Rachel’s head and start bursting your semen deep in her throat. In the mean time, Jamie becomes still and he also starts ejaculating inside your girlfriend.

Rachel tries to get up to avoid a creampie from Jamie but it’s too late now and she can’t do anything anyway. Jamie’s body now relaxes, he pulls out of her and puts his head back on the sofa as if he’s totally unconscious.

As soon as you’re completely spent, you push Rachel away with a jerk and she falls to the ground coughing. She folds her feet on the ground because of pain and gives you both a good view of her ass.

You stay on the sofa for a while, taking deep breaths. You are still angry but looking at Rachel in pain and disgrace, you feel good.