Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Rachel smiles at you and grabs the cock in her left hand and slowly starts to wank it. “I’m going to suck this cock and make it cum. I’m a slut and I need to drink its cum.”

Your beautiful girlfriend leans forward and licks the precum from the cock. She licks her lips and pushes her mouth down on it. You watch mesmerised as your girlfriend sucks and plays with the anonymous member. As you unzip your pants you notice Rachel violently moving her head up and down, only releasing the cock when it cums in her mouth.

As she relaxes and pulls away Rachel smiles at you, opens her mouth to show you the cum and swallows it in one. As the cock is withdrawn she turns back to you, grabs your hard-on and starts to wank you too. As she pulls closer she looks you in the eyes and pulls her face to yours. You expect her to say something as her right hand keeps pushing and pulling on your cock. As her face becomes level with yours your girlfriend suddenly launches into a passionate kiss and your natural instincts kick in and you kiss her back.

It is only as she pulls away after a few moments that you realize you have the taste of another man’s cum in your mouth.

“I love this, Ross, thank you, thank you so much,” she whispers as another cock appears through the first hole. Rachel moves off you again but keeps hold of your hand. As she kneels at the glory hole she pulls you closer on the seat. She takes the cock deep in her mouth and you realize a second cock has appeared through the second hole. Rachel guides her spare hand to this cock and starts to play with it.

As she repositions herself to suck one cock while wanking the other she lifts her second hand, which is holding yours, and gently moves it towards the second cock. Rachel lets go of your hand and uses both hands on the eight-inch prick sticking through the hole. One of her hands drops into yours again as she keeps sucking the first one and slowly wanking the second one.

Rachel suddenly stops sucking the first cock and kisses you again. Luckily the cock hasn’t cum so there is no real further taste of cum in your mouth. You are so busy kissing Rachel that you don’t notice her raising your hand to the second cock. As your hand lands on it Rachel goes back to sucking the first one. Instinctively you wrap your hand around it and embarrassingly realize you are wanking off another cock.

Rachel looks at you with a cock deep in her throat and attempts to smile at you. As she continues to suck you continue to pull and push until you feel a sudden jerk in movement. Too late you realize he has reached the point of no return and as you look down at the cock, it explodes in a torrent all over your face.

Rachel looks at you and with her free hand pushes your head onto the cock. You wrap your mouth around it and suck it gently, feeling the remaining cum flowing through the head. As the cock deflates it’s withdrawn. You look over at Rachel and you can see her throat is trying to swallow another load of cum.

As you sit there with cum over your face and the taste in your mouth you wonder how far this will go. One thing is for certain — you are really enjoying yourself and are part scared and part excited for what comes next. You know you are not gay but you can’t help but feel so turned on about what is happening to both of you.