Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

You decide that you will go and join them. But before going in to the room, you stand outside and you start watching them. You see Jamie is holding a dress on a hanger (Rachel must have given it to him from the wardrobe) while your girlfriend is looking for something in the wardrobe. She’s still nude and she’s looking up and down, giving him a good view of her ass.

Finally she finds her bra and panties and faces towards Jamie. “Here they are, please help me put them.”

Rachel spies you at the door while Jamie still has his back towards you, but she doesn’t say anything. She again acts like her foot is hurt and she bends forward, brushing her hand against Jamie’s rock-hard cock. She giggles, “Hey, you are hard! Is it because of me?”

Jamie takes Rachel into his arms and kisses her passionately. Rachel doesn’t kiss him back — instead she tries to get herself free from him. You start to step in, but Rachel shouts, “No don’t!”

You feel like she’s saying this to you and she gives you a quick glance that confirms it.

Jamie backs off in confusion and says, “Sorry.”

“No Jamie, I can’t have sex with you. I’m the one who should be sorry, I’m the reason for all this.”

Jamie stays silent.

“It’s okay if you want to watch for some more time before I get dressed,” Rachel adds.

Jamie gulps, totally confused. His cock is harder now and he starts rubbing it through his pants.

“You can undress as well if you want,” Rachel smiles.

“Nah, it’s okay,” Jamie replies in a low voice.

“Well, it’s rude, so I’ll dress up too,” Rachel says with a blank expression.

Jamie quickly opens his pants and drops his underwear to his knees. Rachel comes over to him and starts stroking his cock. “I can help you with this.”

She makes him sit on the bed, and then lies him down in a position where he can’t see you.

Jamie tries to touch her body. She doesn’t allow this at the start but slowly she comes near him. At first he touches her hand for some time, then he starts exploring her boobs. She sits beside him with open legs and slowly, moving his fingers over her stomach, he reaches her pussy lips and starts fingering her. She moans in excitement and slides closer to him.

Slowly she sits on top of him in a position where his dick is between her legs and she is still stroking his cock with her hand. Sometimes, Rachel touches Jamie’s dick on her pussy while Jamie is continuously staring at your girlfriend’s nude body.

You are hard looking at this show but you know things are out of control. You again try to get near to them, but Rachel gives you a harsh look.