Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ad...)

You look at your girlfriend lying on the floor with her ass towards you. All three of you are heavily breathing. After hardly a minute, you feel that anger for Rachel again and you look at her sexy ass.

Rachel has never agreed to anal penetration so now is the time to fuck her ass and punish her at the same time. You sit on the floor beside Rachel and she looks at you still coughing. You grip her hips and raise her ass. She has no idea what you are going to do. You spit in her crack and start rubbing her starfish with your thumb, and then insert your thumb in her ass to lubricate it.

“No, Ross, no!” Rachel resists. “You know I have never done it and I don’t like it!”

You ignore her and grab her ass with force, deliberately hurting her. You press your knob on her puckered asshole and start forcing it in. Rachel looks at you with tears in her eyes and tries to get away from you. You give a push and your cock thrusts inside her tight chute. “Owww, fucckkk nooo!” Rachel screams and starts crying.

You ignore her and keep humping her, digging into her hips with your grip and her ass with your dick. You keep on fucking her ass for ten minutes while she grunts and cries, and your friend Jamie does nothing but watch.

Finally you offload yourself in her ass and lie over her. You know this is the end of your relationship with Rachel, so you give her a kiss on her lips, and leave her there on the floor.

The End