Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

Whatever it was it starts to take effect very quickly. Rachel is barely halfway across the road when she stumbles and needs help walking. Geoff puts an arm around her to keep her upright. You realize it’s not the first time he’s done this by the way he guides Rachel towards the hotel. The guy in reception doesn’t bat an eyelid that five men are taking a very drunk or drugged woman into one of his rooms.

When inside, Rachel is very unsteady on her feet. Geoff pushes her onto the bed and instantly takes out his cock. He pushes it into Rachel’s sleepy mouth. The cousins jump into action too. One removes her little handbag and throws it on the sideboard, her mobile phone bouncing loose. The smaller, fatter cousin tears the strap off her dress, instantly crumpling it to her waist and exposing her tits to everyone.

You stand there and take in the scene as your beautiful girlfriend is sucking on a cock whilst the two cousins are fondling her tits. Paul moves around the bed and gently lifts Rachel up so her ass is pointing in the air while she’s still sucking Geoff’s cock. “Fuck me, no knickers as well. This slut was desperate for a fuck,” says Paul as he pushes his cock deep inside of Rachel.

You can’t see how big it is, but Rachel’s eyes widen for a second as she takes the length inside of her. Geoff suddenly erupts into and over Rachel’s face and as he removes his cock the smaller cousin replaces him. His cock is as big as yours and you are relieved you are similar as he pushes into your girlfriend’s mouth.

Paul looks at you as he fucks your girlfriend. “Don’t worry mate, I’m nearly done then you can have a go.” It isn’t long before he grunts and unloads deep inside of Rachel. Rachel had promised to use condoms but she’s in no fit state to insist.

As Paul pulls out the ginger cousin takes control. “Right, get on the bed and get her on top of you. Lie so your legs are off the bed and feet are on the floor. The other cousin is not too happy as he has to stop his blow job to allow you to get Rachel into position.

When you push Rachel’s willing body down onto your cock, you suddenly realize how wet she is, a mixture of her juices and another man’s cum. You are also harder than you have ever been. A strange sensation occurs below, you can feel the weight of the ginger cousin pushing into Rachel. Your cock is suddenly restricted as he pushes his cock into her ass. As he slowly slides the cock in and out you can feel the pressure through the thin walls of her cunt. As he picks up the pace it forces Rachel up and down on your cock.

The other cousin resumes his blowjob. After only a few minutes both you and the ginger cousin are nearing orgasm. He suddenly cums deep inside your girlfriend’s ass. You can feel the throbs of the orgasm which sends you over the edge too. As he pulls out you feel the last of his cum hit your balls. You withdraw also. As you lie back spent, Geoff is quick to take your place.

Over the next four hours Rachel is fucked in all of her holes constantly. At one point Geoff gets out his mobile phone and takes some photos while you are getting sucked off by Rachel and the two others are both fucking her. You know it’s the cousins as you remember seeing Paul grab Rachel’s camera from the side table and take a few photos also.

Rachel is exhausted when the onslaught finally ends and each of the men gradually leave. Geoff is the last one to go. As he ejaculates once more over your girlfriend’s cum-soaked face he turns to you. “Listen, you can either throw her in the shower or leave her as she is. Don’t worry about last night, she’s got no comeback. She willingly came here with us. That stuff we gave her is untraceable in twelve hours and I have a few photos showing she’s awake and enjoying herself. See you Monday mate. It’s been fun!”

As he shuts the door you turn back to your girlfriend. Cum is oozing out of her ass and cunt, her face is covered, as is her chest. Too tired to do anything else you fall asleep beside her.