Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

You wake to a strange taste in your mouth and a bit of a hangover. As you open your eyes you see Rachel kissing you. She is still covered in cum and her hair is matted. She looks every inch a cum slut.

“Thank you, thank you, I’m so sore. Tell me what happened. I know I have been such a slut. I can taste it, feel it and smell it. Every bit of me aches but it’s worth it.”

As she lowers her cunt on your cock a huge wad of hours-old cum trickles down the side of you. As you recount the story of last night she takes great pleasure in kissing you and seeing your discomfort. She rubs her face onto yours transferring the old cum onto you.

As she orgasms your phone bleeps. You can see there are four messages. As you lazily open the last message received it’s from Amazon telling you about an offer on some bookcases you were after. You laugh at the normality of the situation after last night.

The other three messages are from Rachel’s phone from early last night. As you open then up you realize they were not old ones but new ones. With your heart in your mouth you read the first text of the message.

“Hi mate, don’t know where you think your girlfriend is but she’s full.” The second one is a photo with the three of you fucking her. Rachel’s face is obscured by your cock but your face is obvious as are the cousins. The third one is a clear shot of Rachel’s face, instantly recognizable but covered in huge wads of cum. Her eyes are open but sleepy and her lips are smiling.

You turn to Rachel. “Fuck, they tried to do you over by sending photos of you getting fucked to your unsuspecting boyfriend, the bastards.”

Rachel laughs. “Ah well, sorry. Now you know I’m a slut.”

As Rachel gets off the bed and walks towards the shower she picks up her phone. “Shit!” she exclaims, “You’re not the only one they sent the photos to!” The color drains from her face as she turns her phone to you and shows you who else received the photos…