Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

Rachel continues humping Jamie. You go in for another kiss with Rachel and position yourself behind her. You pull down your shorts, no longer caring that Jamie can see your dick. You place your dick at Rachel’s pussy, while Jamie’s dick is continuing to pump in and out.

They pause as you slowly insert your dick, and both dicks start slowly pumping in and out. Rachel moans as she squirts on both of your dicks, making it easier to slide in and out.

You change positions, with yourself lying down and Rachel on top of you. You never take your dick out of her. Jamie positions himself over Rachel and starts inserting his dick in her pussy. You both continue to pump in and out of her pussy, slowly going faster and faster.

Your girlfriend is first to cum. She clenches down on both of your dicks, coating them in her juices.

Jamie is next, giving Rachel the biggest load you have ever seen. He then pulls out.

That feeling of that biggest load on your dick is amazing, and you cum deep inside Rachel’s pussy. You leave your dick inside her.

You lie there panting with Rachel in pure satisfaction. Jamie moves over and inserts his dick into her mouth, and instantly gets hard. The sight of more sex so quickly gets you hard again.

Do you continue to fuck her pussy, as you are already inside her, or do you go for her ass, or do you sit back and watch your friend and Rachel fuck?