Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“Let’s take this to the pool,” you suggest. The girls agree and you all grab your swimsuits.

At first, you just play around in the pool, splashing water on each other. Then, your girlfriend dives underwater, only for her swimsuit to float up to the surface.

Through the crystal blue water, you see her swim over to you and take your swimsuit off. That only leaves her friend Monica in her swimsuit.

You then make a game out of this. You and Rachel chase Monica around the pool, until you pin her against the wall of the pool. Rachel then removes Monica’s swimsuit, leaving all of you naked.

Through all of this, you still have a hard-on, and as you’re pinning Monica down your dick brushes her pussy. You then move around to adjust your dick into place, and slowly slide back inside her.

You start picking up your pace, beginning to thrust faster and faster. Rachel kisses her friend deeply, causing her to cum all over your dick. This sensation feels so good, that your balls start to boil over and you creampie Monica’s pussy.

They break the kiss, and now your girlfriend is left without cum. You’re still hard.