Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

Rachel arches her back and pushes down, forcing the fingers deeper inside her pussy. The camera returns to its position above your girlfriend’s head which has slid further off the bed, causing Pudgy’s dick to rub down her forehead and over her eyes, coating them in the sticky mix of saliva and pre-cum oozing from his cock. You watch as the cock slides over your girlfriend’s nose and down onto her lips which are parted in the telltale “O” of an approaching orgasm. Lost in herself, Rachel moans as her tongue extends and licks her lips.

Pudgy looks into to the camera, smiles and motions to the other two. They immediately stop molesting your girlfriend. As Tall Guy removes his fingers from Rachel’s soaking wet hole there is an audible squelch. Rachel starts wildly bucking her hips and whining in frustration.

“Oh fuck! Don’t stop! Oh my gaawwd pleeeaasee!”

Pudgy laughs and nods at Tall Guy who slides two fingers inside your girlfriend again, using his thumb to rub her clit, provoking and immediate response from her. “Yeesss… thank you thank you thank you… so close… so close… yeeesss…”

The camera moves closer to Rachel’s face. Her eyes are screwed shut and her mouth opens and closes like a fish drowning in air as she gasps and moans for more. You’ve never seen her look like this. Never seen her face so contorted with lust. It’s so sexy that you come again.

“Yessss… hmmm… thank you thank you… mmmm… oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah… almost… almost… oh gaawwdd! I’m cumm…”

The camera rapidly moves back for a wider view as Rachel tenses up. Her legs stiffen and her head lifts off the bed as she begins to spasm. But that’s all that happens because Pudgy reaches out and pushes Tall Guy away. Rachel collapses, her orgasm ruined.

“No no no no no! Not again… You bastards! Don’t stop! Pleeeasssee!”

The three guys laugh at your poor girlfriend laid naked across the bed as she begs for release, her pale flesh quivering as her body shakes. Medium Guy runs his hands over Rachel’s boobs before grabbing her fleshy hips and pushing her onto her hands and knees. Pudgy reaches down and takes Rachel’s chin in one hand, holding it still as she struggles to shake free.

“Rachel, you know the deal. No cumming yet. Open wide like a good little slut for us.”

Rachel at first seems to react to the slut comment by closing her mouth tightly.

“Come on Rachel, admit it. You’re a slut. Just say it and open that pretty little mouth. You know you want to.”