Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Anon...)

You watch as your girlfriend’s resolve disappears.

“You’re such a dick John… but I can’t help it… okay… I am a slut… I’m your slut…” whispers your girlfriend in submission. Looking up at John, she slowly opens her mouth and he slides his long cock inside.

Your mind reels. WTF??? Pudgy is her boss John? You know he’s a bit of a sleaze — Rachel’s told you enough times about his not-so-subtle innuendos and how she’s always having to put him back in his box. No wonder he was happy to “help” her improve her sex life! From Rachel’s descriptions that must make the tall guy Paul and the other one Dan from her team! All you know about them is that they’re almost as bad as John. But before you can fully appreciate this turn of events you’re snapped back to reality by the sound of wet slurping.

As your eyes focus on the screen you see inch after inch of John’s cock disappearing inside your girlfriend’s mouth. Her lips are still partially open, but as it stops moving forward they close tightly and her cheeks hollow in with suction as John begins the slow process of extricating his cock. As the head is pulled past Rachel’s lips there is an audible “pop” as the suction breaks. All three guys groan at the sound.

“That’s it Rachel, wonderful. Simply wonderful,” praises John. “Let’s try that again shall we, only deeper this time? I want it deep in your throat, remember?” he continues.

Rachel’s only response is to look up at him and nod her head before opening her mouth, waiting for John to feed her his cock again. John obliges. You watch as he pulls your girlfriend’s head deeper and deeper down his cock. Rachel begins to struggle and gag. But John shushes her and continues until her lips are almost touching his pubic hair. He holds her there for a moment.

“Relax Rachel! You’re doing great… just breathe through your nose and you’ll be deep-throating me like a pro in no time.” With that, he slowly pulls out and your girlfriend coughs, breathing heavily.

“Want to stop?” asks John, stifling a chuckle.

“No… I want you to… I want all of you to… cum down my throat… so I can… can cum…” After a second she looks up again and opens her mouth, waiting.

John lines his cock up with your girlfriend’s waiting mouth, and rubs it over her lips. Rachel leans forward, attempting to suck his cock into her mouth. John chuckles and moves it out of her reach, sliding it to the side over her lips. Rachel turns her head, again attempting to take him into her mouth. This goes on for a minute and Rachel’s lipstick is soon a smeared mess.

“That’s it Rachel, chase that cock like a good little slut!”

Your girlfriend responds by reaching out and grabbing John’s cock forcefully, and quickly sinking her lips over it. He reaches down to hold her head again, lifting it up for a better angle, and pushes himself deeper. Rachel’s cheeks puff out as she starts to struggle, but then she takes a deep breath through her nose and pushes forward. As her nose brushes John’s pubic hair you see your girlfriend swallow and give a final push burying her face against his crotch.

“Yes! That’s it Rachel! You’ve done it! I’m in your throat, I’m so proud of you… such talent!” He reaches out and strokes your girlfriend’s throat. “I can feel my cock, just here,” he continues as he rubs the soft flesh. “Can you feel it too?” he questions, as he replaces his hand with hers.

Rachel struggles for air before remembering to breathe through her nose. As she relaxes, you see her hand slowly begin to caress her own throat as John slowly slides his cock back and forth.

“Oh wow, that really feels good Rachel, keep it up and I’ll blow my load in no time!” exclaims John as the camera shakily moves closer. The frame fills with your girlfriend’s face. Her eyes stare into the lens and you watch her hand move slowly up and down her throat in time with the bulge of John’s cock.

Suddenly John pushes deep and holds himself still. Then you notice Rachel’s throat convulsing as she swallows John’s load. He holds her there for what seems like an age, your girlfriend swallowing the whole time. Eventually John pulls himself out and you see a long string of cum stretch from Rachel’s mouth to the end of his dick. As Rachel leans back it breaks, dribbling down her lips and chin and onto her boob.

“You guys gotta have a go. Seriously. That was the best head, Rachel. You suck the. Best. Cock. Ever!”

The camera wildly spins about as John slumps back onto the couch. It finally steadies itself, showing your girlfriend naked, kneeling on the bed facing him and wiping her chin. Her hair is very tousled and her lipstick is a smeared mess. The proud look on her face says it all.

“I suck the best cock ever hey? Really? I’m that good?” she asks, her face flushing with a mixture of pride and embarrassment.

“Oh yeah. No doubt about it. It felt like you were milking me dry! That swallowing thing? And rubbing me off through your throat? Amazing!” John trails off. “So good… so good…”

Your girlfriend smiles at the the praise, and turns to Paul and Dan.

“Who’s next?