Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“How are you ladies feeling?” you ask.

They both just moan, laid there, spent. You leave your dick inside of your girlfriend.

You grab your phone and call your step-sister Amy, and after you’ve explained the situation (without the insane cum) she instantly says that she’ll be there.

You inform your ladies of the situation, and sit there, relaxing. Soon enough, there’s a ring at the door, which is your step-sister.

Monica tells you she’ll get it, and she makes her best effort to get up and walk out to the door. She opens it, and you hear your step-sister say, “Oh my gosh, are you pregnant?”

“Um… no… Amy, this is all of Ross’s cum. He’s on the blue pill but it’s caused him to also have big balls, causing him to cum long and hard. We had him on man delay, so he wouldn’t cum so much, however we were getting too spent we took him off of it, and he’s creaming our pussies constantly. We want you in on the action,” Monica explains.

“Count me in!” Amy says, and she shuts the door behind her. You hear rustling and assume it’s Amy stripping, and Monica comes back in the room.

A few seconds later Amy walks into the room, fully naked, shocked at what she’s seeing. You have your rock-hard dick inside of Rachel’s completely-filled pussy, holding your cum in. While she’s staring at you you take another expanding dildo and replace your dick with it, holding your cum inside of her.

Amy comes over to you and you start to make out with her. You lie down next to your girlfriend and Amy mounts you, riding you cowgirl style.

After she slides her shaved pussy down your dick, she starts humping you. It feels so good to be back in this tight pussy. After a while of this, you stop her humping and you start thrusting. Slowly picking up your pace, she moans and leans down to kiss you. You stop thrusting and start moving her ass up and down your cock, and she moans into your kiss. While she moans, she cums all over your dick, her walls tightening on it, which feels amazing.

Your oversized balls start to quiver and you slam your step-sister down all the way on your dick, as you start to cum long and hard into her. She also starts to look nine months pregnant, and soon enough, more than that, and eventually your cum is gushing straight out her pussy past your dick, all over your balls and bed sheets.

When you’re done, she lies on top of you, spent, and you wonder what to do next.