Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

You decide it’s best to just continue cuddling with your girlfriend. It’s a nice warm day, and you guys are secluded on the beach.

After what seems like an eternity of this, Rachel starts kissing you deeply. You both moan into the kiss, and she starts to undo your swimming trunks.

When she’s successful at tugging your trunks off, you begin to play with her bra as she begins to stroke your rock hard dick. You eventually get her bra off, and move to slide her bikini bottom off. Now you’re both naked on the beach.

Her strokes feel amazing, and you decide to start rubbing her smooth, shaved pussy. You rub her clit, making her squeeze your dick. You then put one finger inside of her, then two, then three. She then moans and cums all over your fingers, coating them in her juices.

Rachel feels like she needs to return the favor, so she takes your dick in her mouth, as much of it as she can. The sensation feels amazing as she bobs her head back and forth. After a few minutes of this, not wanting you to cum too early, she stops and kisses you deeply.

She climbs on top of you and begins to slowly slide your dick into her wet pussy. After sitting with your dick inside of her for a little while, she starts to hump you. You start thrusting in time with her humps, soon picking up quite some speed. Then she slams herself down on you as hard as she can, and you feel her walls tightening around your cock, coating it in her juices. It is so hard for you to not cum yet, but you manage to hold it off.

While Rachel’s still dazed from her orgasm, you turn her over so that you’re on top, in missionary. Her pussy is still hypersensitive, so while you begin thrusting in and out she cannot move at all.

You watch her lie there, moaning loudly, not caring if anybody hears her. Seeing her in such pleasure makes you feel so much better, and you try your best to continue pleasuring her. After you pick up speed, your balls slapping against her ass with each thrust, you start feeling close.

You lean down and begin kissing her deeply, and you can feel both of your emotions — you can feel how much she loves you. Your thrusting slows down into a soft back and forth.

As she’s moaning into your kiss, she orgasms all over your dick again, and this time the feeling is too much. It sets you off, and deep within her pussy. As her pussy walls spasm, your dick twitches and your balls quiver, and you release your seed inside her.

You then lie on top of her, dick still inside her cunt, still kissing her.

After what seems like a very long kiss, Rachel comes up for breath, and, while panting, she tells you what she wants to do next.