Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“Let’s go swim in the water,” you suggest.

“Of course,” Rachel replies.

You both run into the water and swim around in the swimming zone, having fun and enjoying the beautiful area.

After some time of splashing around, you decide to spice things up. You quickly unclasp Rachel’s bra and gently squeeze her breast, all of a sudden changing the whole mood. She sees the game you’re trying to play and tries to grab your shorts, and is successful after a few minutes.

With you completely naked, and her half-naked, you need to take the next step. After splashing around, you untie your girlfriend’s bikini bottoms and they float off.

All of your swimsuit components float onto the shore with the waves, luckily.

You then come together and start doing what she wanted — beach sex, however you’re in the warm beautiful water.

In the warm water, you slowly insert your growing and hardening dick into Rachel’s pussy. The sensation of the water around your dick in her pussy feels so good, and with how warm the water is your balls are hanging lower than they ever have before. The feeling of them being so slow and in such warm water also feels amazing. You slowly thrust in and out of her.

You’re both still in the water trying to stay above and floating. Should you keep going in the water or take things onto the beach? If you take things into the beach, do you pull out of her or carry her while you’re inside her?