Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by PK...)

The feeling of Monica’s pussy is so good, you decide that you’re going to cum deep inside her, as there’s no going back. You stop her humping and start thrusting in and out of her amazing pussy.

“Oh fuck… that feels so good… don’t stop, Ross!” Monica exclaims.

She starts humping you again, meeting your thrusts in time. Her amazing and tight pussy feels so good, however what happens next feels even better. She slams herself down as you continue thrusting quickly. She moans as her pussy tightens around your cock so hard that it’s very difficult to keep thrusting, but you do so. You feel her pussy juices sliding around your cock, coating it and also lubing it.

As you continue to fuck her, she lies down on top of you. Her bare breasts on your chest feel amazing as well, and she begins to kiss you.

You flip her over, with you on top of her, continuing to thrust in and out. You listen to her moans and watch her pussy move inward as your thrust in, and stretch and pull outward as you thrust out.

“Fuck… keep going Ross, I love your cock…” Monica moans.

You start to feel your balls boil, as your orgasm is coming. You grab both of her thighs as you start to cum, you pull her as close to you as possible while you slam deep into that amazing pussy.

Your cock twitches and shoots jets of cum far into her pussy, most definitely impregnating her, unless she’s on the pill. She moans in pleasure during this, then realizes you just came.

“You just came inside of me?” Monica asks.

“Oh… um… I just did…” you reply between breaths.

“That’s fine Ross, I will take extra steps after we’re done. However for now I want you to suck your cum out of my pussy,” Monica says.

You lean down and start licking her cunt. You give her clit extra treatment and stick your tongue in as far as you can go. Definitely not as far as your cock went. But, you start sucking nonetheless. She moans at the feeling and soon enough she cums all over your face.

You get the feeling that she’s not done, so you get back up and line your cock up with her pussy. She doesn’t see you as she’s moaning with her eyes closed, so you start sliding into that amazingly tight and wet pussy once again.

She looks up and realizes that you’re fucking her again, and she moans, “Yes Ross, I want you to cum inside me again and again…”

You decide to pick up your speed and start thrusting quickly. Her pussy is still tight and still feels as good. As she moans in pleasure, you lean down and start to kiss her again. Her legs wrap around your ass as you slow down your thrusts, and she pulls you even deeper inside of her.

After the hot and steamy kiss, she unwraps her legs and you pick up speed again. You grab her thighs like before, and as your balls boil you slam into her and pull her as far onto you as possible. As you shoot cum into her pussy depths again, she moans and cums around your cock. She also squirts, and the feeling is amazing.

You leave your dick inside of her and lie down on top of her, and start kissing. Then, she motions for you to pause and blurts out what she wants next.