Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“Why don’t we clean up?” you suggest to Rachel.

“Clean all of your cum up or make a bigger mess?” your girlfriend replies while moving in to kiss you.

You make out, and while doing so make your way to the shower and start the hot water. You stop making out to climb in and start cleaning each other off. When you’re both clean, paying special attention to each of your sensitive parts, she kisses you again and starts to stroke your rock-hard dick.

Rachel moans and bites her lip as she slides your dick into her wet pussy, fucking you while standing in the hot shower. You slowly start thrusting as she moans in pleasure. You make out once again and start picking up pace.

You pause while buried inside of her to lie down, with her on top. Then, you continue thrusting, harder and faster.

You hear her moan again and you feel her clamping down on your dick, coating it in her juices as she cums. The feeling sets you off and you shoot your load deep in her pussy.

You both lie in the warm shower, feeling the water running over your panting bodies.