Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Chase...)

“I want you to watch me and my girlfriends wrestle!” giggles your girlfriend.

“What?” you ask, taken aback by her sudden outburst.

“You heard me. Monica is downstairs, I want you to watch us wrestle!” Rachel replies eagerly. Before you can say anything, she calls Monica who is in your room in seconds.

“This is weird, Rachel” you say.

Rachel pays no attention to you. Instead, she and Monica take off their bras, their beautiful titties bouncing, and go at it. Tackling and punching, you see Rachel get the upper hand. She sits on top of Monica, laughing as Monica struggles to free herself.

“Oof! Get off of me Rachel!” Monica laughs.

“Never!” exclaims Rachel. “I am victorious!”

Monica takes Rachel’s distracted moment and slaps her in the face. Rachel falls to the ground and wraps her legs around Monica as Monica starts squeezing Rachel’s tits.

“Tap out!” shouts Monica.

Rachel, taking on slap after slap and boob punch after boob punch, finally taps out madly on the ground.

“Never underestimate, the great Monica!” Monica shouts as she slaps Rachel one more time before getting up.

“Okay, you won,” says Rachel, exhausted. “But I bet you won’t beat Ross!

“Hold on, what?” you say, not wanting to hurt Monica.

Monica scoffs.

“Please. Bring it on Ross! You think you’re a match for me?” Monica flexes and bounces her tits.

“Let’s go Ross!” she says.

“Yeah Ross! Win for me! Avenge me!” Rachel shouts while pushing you onto the mat where Monica waits.