Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ch...)

“Sent to All,” you read from Rachel’s screen. As you feel the dread and the sense of sickness in the base of your stomach, Rachel bursts out crying. Sitting on the bed side by side holding each other you try and reassure your girlfriend.

“Listen, it will be okay, it’s only sex. We can say she looks like you and it’s a joke or something.”

Rachel looks up, the shock and tears have subsided, “Ross, having a photo of a girl who looks like me might have been able to pass off, but a photo where you, me and two others are fucking is impossible to deny.”

She suddenly starts to change her mindset. “I… I suppose it’s out there now. I have spent the last however-many years covering up the fact that I want to be a slut, fantasizing in private and now everyone knows the truth, I don’t have to pretend.” Rachel looks at you and smiles weakly.

“I have 24 texts and WhatsApp messages that I assume are in response to the photos. I guess we should open them up and see the damage.”

You can see a list of names in the replies, including her family, her boss and both sets of your friends.

Rachel looks at you and asks, “which one do we open first?”